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The Icelandic Horse is a small gaited horse originating from Iceland. Their gaits can include walk, trot, tolt, canter, pace.

There are Icelandic Horse farms throughout North America. Most of these farms have horses for sale including yearlings, geldings, mares, and also stand a stallion or two.

Some farms specialize in domestic bred horses; some specialize in imported horses. Prices and training will vary from area to area.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you check out the reputation and ethics of anyone you consider purchasing from, as well as determining whether the horse is trained for American riding or with American training methods. This will make quite a difference in the horse in question and how successfully you will be able to ride him. A few of the importers re-train the imported horses before putting them up for sale in America. That will save you some money and heartache in the long run, unless you intend to re-train yourself and enjoy doing it.

Sand Meadow Farm, Long Island, New York

Arnason's Icelandic Horse Farm, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

TwoBit Farm, New Mexico

Iceland West Ranch, California

Tombstone Mountain Ranch, Minnesota

McCamman Ranch, Central California

Curtis Icelandic Horse Farm, Idaho

IceFarm (Icelandic Horse Farm), Vernon, BC, Canada

Clear Lake Farm, Ontario, Canada

Icelandic Magic, Washington

Indian Creek Farm, Indiana

Istolt Farm, Maryland

Klakahross, Oklahoma

Maple Leaf Farm, New Brunswick, Canada
(Certified Icelandic Horse Trainer Wanted)

Roberts Woods Farm, Massachusetts

Rhythm Hill Icelandics, Idaho

Sea Chanty, Maine

Schmalztopf, Central CA

SouthSpoon Ranch, Arizona

Svadilfari Classic, Kentucky

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, Vermont

Unicorn Valley, Kentucky

Viking Saga, California

Winterhorse Park, Wisconsin

Flying Change Icelandics, West Virginia

Alfasaga Farm, Washington State

Arnarbaeli, USA, Minnesota

Bar Nothin' (aka Muffin Meadows), California

Langhus, Northern Skagafj÷r­ur, Iceland

Sveinsstadir, Northwestern Iceland (alternate site: Magnus)

Thufa, Mosfellsbaer

┌lfljˇtsvatn, Iceland

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